Hope began her career in education as an elementary self-contained teacher in 1997.  She taught 3rd and 4th grade for two years, then moving into the grade level reading teacher for 4th grade.  While working for Plainview ISD, Hope had the privilege to work with special populations, where she developed a passion for students with special needs.   She then began her certification program as an Educational Diagnostician at West Texas A&M University.  After staying home with her children for a few years, she returned to Plainview ISD where she worked as an Educational Diagnostician for the past twelve years. While working for Plainview ISD, her duties included, supervision for new Educational Diagnosticians, Multiple Disciplinary Team Co Lead, District Response to Intervention Specialist, Autism assessment provider, District observer for Tier 3 referrals, Intellectual Disabilities assessor, Adaptive Behavior assessor,  bilingual assessments across all grade levels, district Autism trainer, district observation specialist for child find, legally defensible documentation training and assessment report writing trainer, Special Education compliance trainer, Legal Framework trainer, Special Education Law trainer, PPCD assessor, CPI Certified, and ARD Facilitator.   In 2015 Hope enrolled in Region 4 Principal Program and completed the course work and is a certified T-TESS evaluator. Hope is a member of Texas Educational Diagnosticians Association (TEDA).  In November of 2015, Hope’s husband was involved in a work-related accident.  He fell 52 feet from a grain elevator.  As a result of the fall he was in a coma for fourteen days, he sustained a stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury.  Through that experience Hope was able to work with her husband on his executive functioning, memory, and daily living skills. He is now independent and was able to return to work. Hope and her husband currently reside in Plainview with their son who will be a senior and daughter who will be a freshman.  Their oldest daughter will be starting her second year at Texas Tech. Hope believes that educational needs encompasses social, emotional and behavioral needs as well as academic needs and along with Radar Supports to help every individual succeed at school and home.